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Seismic Eye Photos by Andy Wales

I love sport; the drama, the uncertainty and the action.

I enjoy nature and I enjoy working with people.

I try and bring that essence into my photography to bring you not just the action on the field but also what is happening in nature, the joy of your pets and the big days that happen in our lives

I am not a full time photographer - equipment is expensive right?, but I am a professional.

I work full time then work some more to bring images to my clients.

I hope you like my images. If you do, then please buy a download.

If you really love an image, then please buy a print or some wall art which will be produced by a Professional printer and a step up from getting a download printed in your local supermarket.

If you have any special requests or crops of a photo or need a special size just contact me and I will upload a suitable print ready image for you.



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